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Do you need a repair or maintenance on your vehicle?
Not a problem!

Aksal Motors is here for you. Aksal Motors Ltd offers an affordable automobile repair and maintenance services for both foreign and domestic vehicles. We provide a full range of general repairs as well as Warrant of Fitness (WoF) inspection. We understand the importance of a good running vehicle and we are always available to ensure that your vehicle is always in "Top-Notch" condition.
We are open Monday to Friday (08.00 am to 05.30 pm).
Bookings are highly recommended.

Our Services

➲ Standard Service ★ ★ ★

• Drain and replaced engine oil (Up to 4L Engine Oil)
• Replace oil filter ( with standard oil filter up to $16)
• Check all wiper & top up washer fluid

• Check coolant levels & top Up
• Check/test condition and transmission fluid
• Check/test condition and top up Brake fluid level
• Check/test condition and top up Clutch fluid level
• Check/test condition and top up Power Steering fluid
• Check and top up battery fluid
• Check/test condition alternator belt
• Check/test air conditioning belt
• Check/test power steering belt
• Check/test condition horn system

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➲ Intermediate Service ★ ★ ★ ★

• All standard services, plus
• Check operation for all exterior light
• Inspect & clean air filter
• Test battery condition and apply battery protectant

• Check/test condition the tension of auxiliary belt
• Check and tighten front and rear suspension
• Check/test condition and top up differential oil level
• Check/Inspect fuel hose & filter (accessable)
• Inspection of mounting security, leaks and noises
• Check/test condition of front & rear wheel bearing
• Check steering components for excess play/movement
• Check condition front & rear brake pads/shoes
• Check condition front & rear brake disc rotors/drum
• Check condition of brake lines & hoses
• Inspect exhaust system
• Check/test condition CV boot & CV joint
• Check tyre condition and record thread depth
• Adjust tyre pressure and polish tyre with conditioner

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➲ Comprehensive Service ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

• All standard & intermediate services, plus
• Flush engine oil
• Check/Inspect fuel hose & filter
• Fuel injector testing & service

• Inspect cooling system, radiator, clamps and hoses
• Check, clean spark plugs (only applies if easily accessible)
• Check tyre rotation
• Inspect & clean cabin filter
• Inspect seatbelt for deterioration for security purposes
• Check heater, air conditioning system and temperature
• Test and adjust hand brake
• Bleed brakes system
• Clean wiper blades and apply dash protectant
• Lubricate door, bonnet, boot and hinges
• Check calliper and wheel cylinder operation
• Perform Engine Management System scan
• Check and test interior light
• Check/test condition CV join
• Road test vehicle and report
• Vacuum interior

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➲ Warrant of Fitness (WoF) ✔


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